Weekly Live Workshops


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Personalized ("For You")

  • Focus on resources aligned with your interests and goals.
  • Attend weekly virtual workshops.
  • Hop into a personalized live chat with professional development specialists.
  • Discuss and share best practices in the community forums.
  • Move from theory to practice with tested, grab-and-go resources and collections curated by experienced educators.


  • Chat with our help desk to ask questions about educational technology.
  • Make sense of assignments with our resources and tutorials.


  • Grow your capacity to facilitate innovative lessons through virtual workshops and microlearning resources.
  • Explore exemplar collections to spark inspiration for your classroom.
  • Collaborate with peers and instructional coaches in our communities and live help desk.


  • Collaborate with other Indiana administrators in our online community.
  • Support your teachers through sharing our virtual professional development sessions and microlearning resources.
  • Support your families through sharing our live help desk and online communities.