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Captions for All: The Writing's on the Wall

This session is a part of the Encore LIVE workshop series, highlighting some of the best sessions from the 2022 Summer of Learning...

Science of Reading: Supporting English Learners

This workshop will dive into the five pillars of the Science of Reading, a research-based approach to providing key foundational reading support, and...

ELL Activities When Time Left In Class

Make sure and use the most of every class period. Check out this slide deck of ideas from ELL2.0, which has ideas broken down by skill to support ELL...

Myths and Mysteries of Memorization

Join IDOE's Tara Bohn and Andrea Washington as they explore myths around sight words and word walls and how to shift those ideas based on research....

Supporting Secondary ELs

When the whole school comes together as a collaborative community to support secondary EL students, it creates an environment where they are engaged,...

Virtual Supports and Accommodations for English Learners from South Carolina ESOL

Using the Support element of the WIDA Model Performance Indicators framework for English learner instruction, we have compiled a collection of...

Scaffolding Techniques for Multilingual Learners Using the SIOP Model

Google Doc with scaffolding techniques for verbal procedural and instructional topics.

Create a Multilingual Word Bank Using Google Sheets

This ThinkLink is a tutorial on using Google Sheets to create a word bank. Click on the hearts to view more information. 

Certificate of Multilingual Proficiency Webpage

The website from IDOE with information about the Certificate of Multilingual Proficiency

Family Culture Survey (Spanish)

Use this form to gather information about student families in Spanish.

WIDA Standards Digital Explorer

This tool explores the WIDA English Language Development (ELD) Standards Framework. Explore by ELD Standards Statement and grade-level cluster or by...

Scaffolding Using Sentence Frames

Scaffolds to Support English Language Learners in Writing and Discussion. This includes sentence frames/starters, signal words, and word banks.

Using Concept Maps

Concept maps are visual representations students create to connect ideas, concepts, and terms. Students can use them to organize information they...

WIDA On-Demand Webinar on Key Language Uses

One of the components of the WIDA ELD Standards Framework is the Key Language Uses (KLUs). The KLUs summarize the most prominent language uses across...

WIDA Key Language Uses (KLUs)

WIDA English Language Development Standards Framework, 2020 Edition - Key Language Uses

WIDA Proficiency Level Descriptors (PLDs)

WIDA English Language Development Standards Framework, 2020 Edition - Proficiency Level Descriptors