Canva AI Image Generator

Input text into the Canva AI Image Generator and watch as the AI creates images to represent your text!

IEP Goal Writing for the Real World

Learn the “Double Check” strategy for IEP goal writing so you can “Double Down” on what’s most important.January Get Your Teach on series.

National Today: Global School Play Day History & Activities

Learn 5 interesting facts about playtime, FAQs, and find activity ideas for Global School Play Day.

Global School Play Day

Visit the Global School Play Day website. Global School Play Day is for public schools, private schools, and homeschool families! Let's...

National Institute of Play

Play is central to healthy lives. Today, a diverse body of play research has shown that play is central to leading healthy, productive human...

The Serious Business of Play

This resource, from the American Psychological Association, offers recommendations to soothe anxiety and foster healthy child development in all...

5 Proven Benefits of Play

This resource explores five proven benefits to support play in schools at home.

The Cognitive Benefits of Play: Effects on the Learning Brain

Learn how playful behavior appears to have positive effects on the brain and on a child’s ability to learn.

Why Play is Important

This resource explores why play is important, the difference between structured and unstructured play, and play at the different developmental levels.

Parents' Guide to Structured Vs. Unstructured Play

Through play, children can develop important life skills that help prepare them for experiences later in life. There are two types of play:...

Hexagonal Thinking | Getting Started

Hexagonal thinking is a fantastic framework for discussion and critical thinking. We love this protocol for its versatility and power. In this...

Family Reading Reset

A blog post that provides six strategies for families to "reset" students' interest in and joy of reading.

Family Moments: Talking Reading, and Singing Together

A collaboration between Too Small To Fail and Sesame Street, this is a parent and caregiver guide to support infant learning through talking,...

Tips for Families: Talk, Read, Sing

A resource from Talking Is Teaching to help families find opportunities to talk, read, and sing to infants and toddlers. 

How Telling Stories Helps Kids Learn

From PBS Kids Parents, discover how telling stories support student learning.

Why Reading Aloud to Kids Helps Them Thrive

This article from PBS Kids Parents provides guidance and details the benefits of reading aloud to children. 

Building Early Language Skills

Q&A with a doctor on practices to build and support literacy skills from TalkingIsTeaching.  

Repeated Read Alouds

This article from Reading Rockets provides details and benefits of repeated interactive read alouds in preschool and kindergarten. 

World Read Aloud Day Book Picks 2023

In celebration of World Read Aloud Day this year, Scholastic has highlighted 30 books that make us feel excited and inspired to celebrate reading...

Build A Story

This build-a-story challenge by LitWorld is a great reading and writing activity to celebrate World Read Aloud Day or another day in class. Have...